It’s a tough job, so ‘show care to family caregivers’ – The Straits Times

Are you getting stressed out about seeing someone whom you find difficult to be around with? Instead of thinking about a future circumstance, allow yourself to calm down. Bring your focus back to the here and now by practicing simple meditation techniques. This helps you feel less stressed and even better prepared. This can even make your meeting a more pleasant experience than you might have anticipated.

It’s a tough job, so ‘show care to family caregivers’The Straits TimesNow she is giving her three schoolboys "a childhood like any other children’s", after overcoming her problems with the help of two people – a close friend and her boss. … "Most caregivers are often on the verge of anxiety that almost leads to depression….It’s a tough job, so ‘show care to family caregivers’ – The Straits Times

One of the reasons why some people fail to meditate is that they lack the motivation to continue with their practice. Some people claim that meditation can feel like hard work. It’s important to realise that some meditation training programs can be similar to something that you really need to work hard at.

Do you prefer to practice meditation in an active way? Find out more about mediattion and mindfulness, and start experiencing a daily treat that you can indulge in. You can also visit the sites listed below.


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