Are you mind full, or mindful? – New Zealand Herald

If you’re new to the idea of meditation, there are lots of ways of discovering how to practice meditation. One of the most convenient ways to learn simple meditation techniques for beginners is to participate in a meditation course or tutorial.

Are you mind full, or mindful?New Zealand HeraldIf the Mental Health Foundation has its way, everyone will soon be learning mindfulness for free in childhood. "We believe there’s a place for it in schools," says the foundation’s acting chief executive, Hugh Norriss. "It do…Are you mind full, or mindful? – New Zealand Herald

Meditation can be a powerful tool in enhancing your ability to concentrate. It helps you improve your concentration skills, so you can remain focused on your tasks despite all the disturbances around you. With regular practice, you’ll learn to respond to demanding situations with awareness rather than to react negatively without putting in the time to think first before you act.

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