Practising yoga may cut health care costs: Study – The Indian Express

Walking meditation is a simple meditation technique for stress relief that allows you to practice meditation while taking a nice walk at the same time. This can be a great way to practice mindfulness. When you’re mindful of the whole experience of walking, you’ll be able to enjoy it more and value how fantastic the simple act of walking and breathing can be.

The Indian ExpressPractising yoga may cut health care costs: StudyThe Indian ExpressPractising relaxation-response techniques, such as meditation, yoga and prayer, could reduce the need for health care services by 43 per cent, according to a new study. Previous studies have shown that eliciting the relaxation response — a physiologic …and more »…Practising yoga may cut health care costs: Study – The Indian Express

The key to developing your meditation skills is to put in the right effort in making it a part of your day-to-day routine. Most importantly, learning meditation can be quick and simple with a little support from an expert meditation teacher. Visit our site, learn more about meditation and mindfulness and learn how to start practicing meditation quickly and easily.

Do you feel the need to calm down? Give yourself a break and practice simple meditation techniques for stress relief. Learn more about other relaxation and stress relief techniques by visiting the sites below.


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