Why Mindfulness Is Overrated – Fast Company

Mindfulness helps improve a person’s ability to respond positively even to challenging situations, instead of reacting in a negative way. Being mindful is about taking the time to focus and think about your actions. This allows you to think more clearly, and to learn ways to respond in more positive ways.

Fast CompanyWhy Mindfulness Is OverratedFast CompanyMindfulness is the act of focusing attention and observing the present moment without a lot of mental dialogue and interpretation. It’s true that mindfulness practice is beneficial in a variety of ways, leading to increased stamina, enhanced working ……Why Mindfulness Is Overrated – Fast Company

One important thing you can do to help your meditation practice go smoothly is to simply let go of your unwanted thoughts. Realise that the essence of meditation is to free your mind from your worries and fears. Find out more about how to start meditating more quickly.

Mindfulness is a skill that helps entrepreneurs become more successful. Discovered this great sites that offers mindfulness and meditation courses for stress reduction.


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