Beat stress with music therapy drum sessions – The Courier-Journal

Learning mindfulness helps you cultivate a more favorable outlook in life. It may be a bit discouraging at the beginning of your mindfulness training class, but at some point you’ll learn to master your skills over time and gain the benefits.

The Courier-JournalBeat stress with music therapy drum sessionsThe Courier-JournalA local organization called Strive is offering a unique way for adults to get out their frustrations and cope with stress. Participants in the weekly LifeRhythms with Strive sessions will be using drums and their voices for stress management and ……Beat stress with music therapy drum sessions – The Courier-Journal

Meditation can be a great tool to help prevent the harmful effects of stress. Stress is considered as one of the leading reasons for chronic ailments, like depression and heart disease. Many people who meditate on a daily basis find it simpler to relax. It helps them achieve a clear mind, and experience a sense of peace and relief from everyday stress.

Want to feel and look more youthful? A lot of long term meditators say that they feel and look much more youthful than their age. Learn how to meditate from the list of related topics below.


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