Bristol-Myers to invest in Dutch gene therapy company uniQure

There’s many types of strategies to treat depression and quite a few of which considered it is effective. However, it is not necessary that the treatment method that’s effective for somebody will be the effective treatment for you too. There is absolutely no one size fits all treatment for depression. Here’s another article that helped me understand more about depression therapy. I really hope this article assist you also.

(Reuters) – Bristol-Myers Squibb Co said it would invest in Dutch biotech uniQure NV, joining other big drugmakers who have moved to gain a foothold in the promising gene therapy market. UniQure’s shares jumped more than 55 percent on Monday after Bristol-Myers said it would pick up a 4.9 percent stake in the company. UniQure’s gene therapy drug, Glyberan, went on sale last year priced at 1.1 ……Bristol-Myers to invest in Dutch gene therapy company uniQure

I hope I made your research and scanning meaningful. You can actually refer to the other relatedlinks below to find some other articles about depression help. Please leave a opinion in case you have any.

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