Gay 'conversion therapy' ineffective and unethical

You will find a lot of things that men and women with depression is able to do by themselves to enable them to get better and prevail over depression. The important thing factor is selecting the very best treatment along with the right doctor for your individual’s needs.

I refer to Ms Joanna Koh-Hoe’s letter, “Sexuality FAQs – more balanced approach, please” (MyPaper, Feb 17). In it, Ms Koh-Hoe – who is the chief executive of Focus on the Family (Singapore), which is linked to its Christian-influenced parent organisation of the same name in the United States – suggested that one’s s…Gay 'conversion therapy' ineffective and unethical

I’m going to definitely attempt to pick up more material like this. I’ll let you know about it if I will be able to locate a good one. I know there’s a lot more details available, so please leave a comment once you learn where I am able to find some.

See the webpages listed below more resources for depression therapy groups


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