Depression: Ketamine Eyes Hath Seen The Glory?

When you are depressed, it could seem like it’s impossible to get out. Nice thing about it my buddy! Depression is a treatable problem. Here’s another article available for you that I just discovered on-line.

Ketamine: club drug, ‘horse-tranquillizer’, and… miracle antidepressant? I’ve blogged about the research behind the claim that ketamine has rapid-acting antidepressant effects several times. Since 2009, my view has been that it is impossible to tell whether ketamine has specific antidepressant properties, because ketamine has never been compared against an ‘active placebo’ control. In trials ……Depression: Ketamine Eyes Hath Seen The Glory?

Life is a process of learning. Hopefully you learned something today. Look at much more related content about depression by simply clicking the relevant links below.

Here are a few far more blogposts on the theme of depression therapy groups


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